Airbnb Builds Africa Digital Sharing Economy Platform

Velma Corcoran, Airbnb

Airbnb, ‘a set of pay-for events’ startup which is managed by the locals was launched in 2016 in ten global cities. Nairobi and Cape Town were the only African cities that had Airbnb services. In the last five years, the company had about 2million visitors earning the host approximately US$139 million. The International startup focuses to boost its operation in Africa countries. The company current pitch is divided into two parts. Pitch distribution, 97% accommodation charges remain with listing owner while 42% of visitors’ expenditure stays in the local neighborhood.

According to Airbnb’s Regional Marketing Consultant (Southern Africa), Velma Corcoran, the marketing department is located at Cape Tourism. She noted that the company has 1000 listing in Africa Community.  In the continent, 44,000 listing in South Africa, 20,000 in Morocco and 6000 listings in Kenya. The report indicates that typical host obtains $1,500 annually and the typical listing is shared for about 18 nights annually. Africa averages hosting age is 43 years distributed into 49% for male and 51% for female community hosting. Nigeria is the Recent launched Airbnb communities in Africa. In Lagos, there are 730 active listings shared for 23 nights yearly with the typical host receives $1,000. She further noted that building trust is a function of review systems and quality service delivery across the platform.

The company plan to invest $1milion initiative to help in improving tourism in Africa. The pan will aid in ensuring ‘democratization of travel’ in the tourism sector. The initiative implementation began last year by training West Cape Town residents’ hospitality and innovative tourism skills. The program is expected to expand in more than 15 towns in South Africa and in other cities across Africa by 2019. The company works with people rural communities and township with small B & B business or a room. The township residents trained on how to host guests via the platform to take part in the sharing economy Airbnb vision.

The company’s long-term plan is inclusive tourism using South Africa market as the incubator for other African countries.


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