Airbnb partners with SnapScan to ‘Support Jozi, Shop Local’ initiative


Airbnb has partnered with Snapscan to launch the initiative dubbed ‘Support Jozi Shop Local’ which aims to boost the recovery of SMEs by driving traffic towards much smaller businesses thereby boosting local communities.

SnapScan ensures contactless payments when going through the online marketplace where locals and visitors can buy goods and services from over SMEs. SnapScan users will earn cashback vouchers for’ Jozibucks’ they can spend in the shops throughout the month of March. All vouchers are funded by Airbnb.

Main businesses featured on Support Jozi, Shop Local are hair salons, coffee shops, and eateries. Velma Corcoran the Regional Lead for the Middle East and Africa at Airbnb community known for its sending and hospitable culture. She went on to point out how such an initiative helps drive the local recovery of businesses across South Africa giving a lifeline to small businesses, local families, and communities.

A special map and guide have been provided by Airbnb, South African Tourism, and the Gauteng Tourism Authority to showcase 20 earmarked places where locals and visitors can check into and save when spending with SnapScan.

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