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Egypt-based Stllr raises six figures after beta launch


Egypt-based Stllr Network has successfully raised six figures in investment after completing a public beta launch with the help of angel investors via Falak Angels and Women Spark.

Among the investors are 500 Global executives from Microsoft & Oracle and former executives from Digital Co-operation Organization, Ekman, Accenture and KSA Ministry of Investment.

In 2021, Nouran Ghannam with Ahmed Mustafa laid the groundwork for what would become Star.

Stllr  provides organizations with a marketing strategy ready to be implemented by various initiatives, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media buying, and more. It prevents confusion with vendors from outside and unnecessary spending in marketing departments.

According to Chief Executive Officer Nouran Ghannam, the marketing industry possesses enormous team potential, yet, the most effective teams are formed independently by utilizing the network.

It is the very first model of its sort ever to be developed, and the only place where it would be appropriate to implement it would be in an area with a robust feeling of community similar to ours. Currently, 34 per cent of all specialists in the system were brought there by referrals from other participants in the network. They can form and manage their teams by utilizing the technology provided by Star. It’s a group effort. The network alone was responsible for over double the size of our talent pool in 2022.

Star Network, compared to traditional forms of freelancing, wants to become the largest network of marketing professionals in MENA who have been thoroughly screened and recommended for projects, acquainted with one another, and granted access to bigger firms and projects.

They are different e-commerce firms in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in addition to a pilot with TikTok MENA and Zid, Hess Misr, a semi-governmental project by Almentor, Ministry of Education, and Nagwa, Grinta, which is a collaboration Tiktok and Zid. These customers are just some of their other clients.

One Star specialist earned close to one million dollars in sales, while another received 5 times as many orders every month.

Star Network had made quick marketing deliverables such as company designs and profiles available to businesses with the launching of Packages for Partners. Without the aid of the Tanmia W Tatweer grant provided by the Arab Development Bank, the establishment of Star Academy wouldn’t be possible. Nouran continues. At Star Academy, we can recognize talented individuals because of the high standard of the network that underpins our operation.

The premiere celebration for the public beta version of Star Network was held on a rooftop on December 8th community, and only partners and professionals who were a part of the Star Network were invited with the assistance of the newly acquired cash; they will make investments in the recruitment of local talent, the decentralization of the network, including regional expansion through GCC And KSA. 



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