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Equipping Our Customers to Succeed in a World Driven by the Internet


The pandemic altered the planet and the method we operate, hastening the transition to digitalization for most businesses.

Organizations are now assisting employees in offices and at houses, partnering with one another using applications hosted in the cloud and outside of traditional IT environments, and continuing to assist businesses in operating at the same level or at a higher level than they did before the pandemic.

Because of the need to keep up in this age of rapid digitalization, Cisco is continually searching for new ways to enable organizations to thrive in this new reality. At the same time, the company never loses sight of the fact that security needs to be an integral part of the innovations it develops.

At the beginning of this year, Cisco presented its vision for Cisco Predictive Networks, which aimed to unleash a new level of reliability and performance in computer networks. Customers continue to adapt to the demands of modern life by anticipating some network and application issues before they occur.

Adoption of cloud computing, migration to software as a service (SaaS), software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), and hybrid work arrangements are some of the primary factors in digital transformation that essentially make the Internet the new corporate backbone.

The Internet does not have a service level agreement; thus, providing a fantastic digital experience while maintaining the required level of security in an Internet environment where only the best efforts are made is a tremendous problem for enterprises.

As a part of our solution to this challenge, we offer our customers the most comprehensive assessment of the state of the global internet, which takes into account both the networks and the most popular SaaS apps used by businesses.Brendan Cuthbertson, the Head of Enterprise for Cisco Commercial and Regional Public Sector Sales in South Africa, said the country has a lot of potential.

Because of this, our customers can proactively address unanticipated primary application or network issues affecting them as soon as they occur by making the appropriate changes on their end or their provider’s end. Real-time visibility is essential since many of these disruptions cannot be anticipated, and companies must take immediate action immediately.

However, we believe that they may prevent a significant number of service interruptions if we do an excellent job of looking at all of the data and considering the past lessons. This is where Cisco Predictive Networks gets its inspiration, and it’s also where ThousandEyes WAN Insights got its start.

WAN Insights currently extends the visibility of ThousandEyes Internet into SD-WAN health, allowing businesses to examine their most important apps. The experience that particular groups of users are having, as well as how that experience might be improved by learning from users’ previous actions.

It provides recommendations to adjust to this interruption and the projected improvement outcome, enables the forecasting of possible service disruptions based on the analysis of past behavior, and permits the forecasting of possible service disruptions.

At this point, it is merely a proposal with the long-term goal of increasing the amount of automation that is utilized. After being enabled, the recommendations that ThousandEyes WAN Insights provides will also be seen in Cisco analytics.

This technology acts as a guiding hand for organizations, assisting them in getting the most out of their SD-WAN deployments and removing the element of guesswork from the initial policy set-up & optimization processes. This is seen from the perspective of an SD-WAN deployment.

Furthermore, as environments continue to develop, organizations can keep adjusting based on long-term recommendations, making it feasible to guarantee that the domain provides its users with the finest digital experience possible.

This allows the organization to leverage the digital opportunity for their enterprise, employees, and consumers by shifting from a reactive to a proactive stance about their SD-WAN infrastructures.



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