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Egypt e-commerce startup Teegara raises 5-figure pre-seed round

Share, an Egypt-based startup has closed a five-figure follow-on funding round led by Alexandria Angels Network and other angel investors from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands.

Teegara was founded in 2019 by Ahmad Kayyali and Nader Ibrahim alongside Ahmed Samir, who was the first investee. The B2B-B2C e-commerce marketplace connects merchants, producers, and customers to streamline the purchase process while increasing profitability.

Teegara is a digital platform solving several major issues in both retail and procurement which will streamline the buying process by eliminating unnecessary steps and middlemen hiking up prices and slowing the buying processes. The second step is to easily access a large pool of merchants and vendors. Teegara helps both groups of users increase merchants while boosting sales.

The buying process looks to simplify the buying process for businesses while offering competitive prices, innovative methods of payment, easy shipping and return procedures, and access to a large assortment of household products such as plastics, detergents, kitchenware, lingerie, etc.

In the press release, Mr. Loay El Shawarby at Alex Angels described Taager as a “star of B2B2C e-commerce.”

Source: Wamda


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