Egypt ICT sector experiences 17% growth in Q2 of 2020/21 fiscal year

ict ministry egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology continously invests in the country’s telecommunications infrastructure and has made public the new members to ITIDA. This is part of its efforts to sustain growth in the ICT sector.

In the report on Emerging Europe’s IT Landscape Report, Egypt has proven resilient COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, over US$2-billion was invested in infrastructural upgrades that helped the country meet $2 billion in infrastructural upgrades helping a surge in demands for digital communications by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hala El-Said, the country’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development, confirmed the 17% growth witnessed in Egypt’s ICT sector growth in the second quarter. Amr Talaat, the country’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced new members to the board.

As of 2004, ITIDA became the executive arm that remained pivotal to the development of the country’s local ICT industry. Public sector investments into telecommunications have increased the sector’s contribution to national GDP by 3.5%. The overall Egyptian economy is expected to maintain a positive growth rate in FY2020/21.

Source article: ITweb


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