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Egypt startup Quibix making COVID-19 clinics from shipping containers


Quibix is a Cairo based startup specialized in transforming shipping containers into practically anything. The company recently modified its work from restaurants and corporate offices to on-demand medical clinics that can be rapidly set up in urban and rural centers.

The two co-founders Youssef Farag and Karim Rafla are following their passion for converting 20-foot containers into portable medical centers which are helping save lives at a time when society needs it most. In addition, the portability of their health centers means accessibility to health services in the most remote of places.

Youssef Farag is the co-founder and COO of the operation. He explains the need to set up medical equipment when providing medical services from dentistry to general practice. In a statement shared on Arab News, he says, “Patients will have access to professional and high-quality healthcare from healthcare providers who take the opportunity to dive into new and underserved markets and demographics for a relatively low initial investment on their part.”

Egypt has a long way to go in the provision of medical services where it ranks 63 internationally according to the World Health Organization’s global rankings. The drop is despite the increased investment in the sector and a drop in infant mortality rates.

Karim Rafla and Youssef Farag have a long history of friendship and were working together in their respective family businesses before they decided to team up and form their own company in 2016.

Their inspiration was the shipping container buildings he had seen while a student in London. With no engineering experience, they were able to pull it off. In just four years, the company has transformed from an idle loft to delivering over 200 shipping containers across the country and employing designers, artisans, skilled workers, and sales people.


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