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Egypt’s BONBELL seeks $10 million in startup capital after raising $350,000


Egypt’s business BONBELL, the first mobile App in the Food-tech industry specializing in food ordering and digital solutions for table and meal reservations, has concluded an initial investment round for $350,000 thanks to a Canadian Angel investor. 

This funding will contribute to the continued development of the App’s services and achieve a degree of growth in the number of users and daily orders.

Early in 2022, BONBELL introduced its approach allowing users in Egypt to place orders for a diverse selection of foods. 

Because the App provides a variety of options for placing orders for meals, including food delivery, restaurant reservations, ordering at a table using a QR Code shown on the table, and takeaway services.

The application supports several different payment methods, including cash and credit cards.

BONBELL has formed partnerships with various establishments, including cafes, restaurants, and clubs such as Heliopolis Club and Smash Club. In addition, it provides its services in shopping malls and movie theatres so that customers can enjoy a more streamlined process for ordering food, reserving tables, and receiving food delivery while they are at these establishments.

BONBELL has also entered into strategic partnerships with many other leading significant organizations and institutions, the most notable of which are the German University in Cairo and Raya Telecom, so that it can offer its services to employees and visitors at each of its headquarters.

BONBELL plans to increase the number of restaurants it has worked with to 750 by the end of 2022. Additionally, the firm is negotiating with two venture capital funds from Europe and the Gulf to close a $10 million fund in its seed phase by the end of the year.

The company’s chief business officer, Doaa Abdel-Hameed, was quoted as saying. We want to assist local restaurants in the making placing an order for food more convenient for their patrons, whether through the provision of food delivery or the reservation of a table in the establishment. And also orders for takeout and any special requests made by consumers when dining in their establishments.”

We strive to provide Egyptian users with a more enjoyable experience when it comes to meal ordering. We see a lot of potentials and opportunity to do that by continuously developing the App based on users’ feedback. We also expand our restaurant offerings across all of Egypt’s governorates.” She continued.

In just six months, BONBELL has earned the trust of over 12,000 consumers who have used the App to place food orders using any of the methods available through the App.

Doaa Abdel-Hameed stressed that the BONBELL App’s success in giving its customers the finest possible experience could only be accomplished by strategic collaborations with many other eateries.

In addition to the ongoing improvement of the technology utilized in the App, as well as relying on supplying creative solutions to the Egyptian user, such as the service (Robotic Stations).

Customers can order food and have it served to them by a robot without assistance from a person. This service will not include any human interaction. This service should start in Egypt by the end of 2023.




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