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GrubTech from the UAE collaborates with Geidea to provide e-payment solutions for restaurants and cloud kitchens in Egypt


An agreement has been signed between the e-payments and finance platform Geidea and GrubTech, a cloud kitchens provider and restaurant IT solutions in the United Arab Emirates. This will allow Geidea to offer its services to the back-of-house systems of GrubTech’s customers.

According to GrubTech, the agreement will result in new opportunities for the company’s clients in the Egyptian market and an increase in the latter’s value.

In the presence of Mohamed Al Fayed, Chief Executive Officer and founder GrubTech, and Ahmed Nader, general manager of Gidea in Egypt,Osama Harfoush, GrubTech’s national manager for Egypt, and Ahmed Magdy, head of commercials at Gidea, signed the agreement in the presence of Mohamed Al Fayed, GrubTech’s founder and CEO, as well as Ahmed Nader, Geidea’s general manager in Egypt.

GrubTech is a platform that was launched in 2019 and provides technology solutions to the management of restaurants and cloud kitchens in a way that makes it possible for these businesses to automate their operations and handle online food delivery.

In addition to providing in-depth analyses of restaurant data, GrubTech also provides sales and marketing solutions that enable eating establishments to complete their business more efficiently and at a lower cost.

The guide has been the solution of choice for merchants in the Egyptian market searching for e-payment options that are both the quickest and the easiest to use.

Following the signing of the agreement, GrubTech Founder and CEO Mohamed Al Fayed issued a statement in which he explained that this partnership is an essential part of the company’s overall strategy to expand by forming significant business alliances with the most important major players in the food and beverage (F&B) market in the MENA region.

This agreement will start in Egypt, but it is also meant to cover other countries where GrubTech works, such as those in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Africa,” Al Fayed said.

This agreement will start in Egypt, but it is also meant to cover other countries where GrubTech works, such as those in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Africa,” Al Fayed said.The country manager for GrubTech in Egypt expressed his delight at signing the contract and asserted that it represented an essential step in the company’s ambition to establish a platform that incorporates all of the services that are necessary for restaurants and cafes in the local area.

According to Harfoush, the technological solutions GrubTech provides its customers assist them in streamlining their buying and selling activities. All institutions around the world recently agreed to use a digital transformation approach to reach sustainable development goals by 2030.

The general manager of Gidea in Egypt, Ahmed Nader, stated his contentment with the partnership with of the most successful manufacturers of technical solutions and a pioneer in the development of cloud-based management systems for commercial kitchens and dining establishments.

This partnership is essential for Gidea to expand its presence in Egypt’s food and beverage industry, which is seeing robust growth. Because of this, proprietors of cafes and restaurants will be able to work more efficiently, and the efficiency of online food delivery services will also increase. According to Nader, this will make it simpler for owners of businesses to enhance their sales by applying a range of trademarks through a single window, making it possible for them to do so.

According to Ahmed Magdy, head of commercials for Gidea, the company’s objective is to provide all merchants and business owners with innovative payment solutions that help expand and administer their businesses.

Through our relationship with GrubTech, we intend to broaden the scope of our operations within the food and beverage industry and provide cutting-edge e-payment solutions. The restaurant market in Egypt is growing notably due to the country’s ongoing digital transformation. According to Magdy, this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to provide our customers with an operating system that encompasses all of their needs and simplifies the process.




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