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Egypt’s Drowzy raises undisclosed sum for its D2C e-commerce platform


Cairo-based furniture and homegrown accessories brand Drowzy has raised new capital (in six-figures) to raise investment into the UAE-based ‘strategic’ angel investor. The disclosure was adequately by Menabytes.

Drowzy was founded in 2017 by two architects Mohamed Lotfy and Alaa Khalil. The platform partners with small and medium-sized furniture workshops and other mini-factories to make furniture designed by the team at Drowzy, then retailed on their platform. Drowzy sells almost a hundred different products including 300SKUs on Egyptian online platforms.

Alaa Khalil,  is the co-founder of Drowzy revealed that the furniture brands take over two months to deliver due to the customization adjustments which Drowzy doesn’t offer. He pointed out the value proposition as a mix of online buying convenience, quick delivery, durability and affordability.

At the moment Drowzy delivers on its orders within 6 to 10 days but they plan on reducing it to two to three days. Part of the investment will be directed to expands its catalog while hiring resources as they launch DIY line products.


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