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Egypt’s SOKNA launches first ever end-to-end funeral service


SOKNA has launched an end-to-end funeral service tasked with providing families with professional expertise required when handling the logistics of losing a loved one.

The name SOKNA is Arabic for ‘tranquility’ and ‘calmness’, which is part of their purpose of being – to transform funerary services in Egypt. SOKNA professionally handles all logistical funeral services from end-to-end. Their services include burial support permits, body preparations, set-ups in cemeteries, transportation, hall service bookings, obituaries, post-loss assistance, and sadaqa giveaways.

Ahmed Gaballah, who is SOKNA’s CEO and co-founder expressed, “People who are suffering from loss should have the opportunity to grieve without being consumed by physical, administrative, and logistical requirements.”

In 2013, the founder of SOKNA began researching how to optimize the funeral process by conducting extensive, in-depth on-ground research both locally and internationally.

Thus far, SOKNA has handled 340 burials and funerals from the first time it began operations in March 2019. Several collaboration protocols have been signed with 10 Egyptian private hospitals. SOKNA has also employed morticians with up to 15 years of experience so they can pass on their knowledge, skills, and expertise to other staff.

Source: MENAFN


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