Eight African Tech Entrepreneurs to Benefit from Mentorship Programs


Many African startups have failed to hit the ground running due to lack of good mentorship. Any venture requires better advice for it to be successful at any given stage. How to convince and get hold of clients is one of the main challenges that many startups are going through. So it calls for those who have ever been successful in that field to hold the hands of the upcoming startups. Accenture Nigeria has decided to come in and fill the mentorship gap that has always been there.

The startup has promised to offer mentorship programs to eight selected entrepreneurs. The eight will be shortlisted by a team of investor experts for startups. This came out during the Nigerian Economic Summit (NESG) #23 Startups pitching event. The eight technology entrepreneurs comprise of Edusko, L&L Foods, Insight Africa, Academix, Ojoro Kitchen, Accounteer, Piggy Bank, and Ojoro Kitchen.

This is a way of giving back to the society which also includes benefit to both parties. People do join entrepreneurship with different objectives. There are those who have interest in entrepreneurship. Others do join it as a way of generating income. For the success of any business, one must have developed a personal interest in the field rather than focusing on the monetary side of it. This is according to Niyi Yusuf, the Managing Director of Accenture Nigeria.

NESG can only make the startups successful in case they have in-depth idea of the startups. The startup went through much training during the NESG programs. Accenture is coming in to offer financial support and improve the success process. That is why the startup decided to settle to eight entrepreneurs so as to have a manageable number. NESG has a reputation for ensuring that upcoming startups become successful in the shortest time possible. The economic development of any country calls for the services of entrepreneurs. It is important to any country to offer the necessary support for their success.


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