Eneza Education, a Kenyan Startup Shines at the MWC

Eneza Education, Kenya, Shupavu 291, Mobile World Congress

Unlike in the past, many African countries have realized the importance of education. They have come to feel the importance of education in their economic improvement. Many startups have come up to make education accessible and affordable to all. Much praise should go to the global tech revolution. Technology has ensured that no stone is left unturned in the education sector. Many African citizens have got no reason to miss accessing quality education.

Eneza Education is a Kenyan based startup that was launched in 2012. The startup provides its users with educational assessments and lessons. These are provided using web, SMS and Android platforms. The startup partnered with Safaricom in March 2016 to launch Shupavu 291. Shupavu 291 is a revision platform that operates using USSD and SMS. Safaricom is the Kenyan leading mobile operator. Shupavu 291 helps students to take questions, subject, and topics of interest. They then spend their time studying whatever they have taken.

Through Shupavu 291 students can also access Wikipedia summaries without using the internet. Furthermore, parents and teachers are able to view the report of individual and school performance through SMS. Through the Shupavu 291, Eneza Education becomes the winner in the Best Mobile Innovation for Education category. This was at the GSMA’s Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards in February 2018. The event took place at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from February 26th to March 3rd, 2018.

The GLOMO Awards has dupped the Oscars of the mobile industry. The award started with a goal to notice and celebrate the contribution made to the growing and developing the mobile industry. Eneza Education received the award alongside the co-founder of Shupavu 291 Safaricon. The two partners hit another milestone in October 2016. at that time, Eneza Education startup received the unknown amount of funding. This came from its operator Spark Venture Fund. Shupavu 291 platform has just proven that effective mobile services can have a great positive impact on the education sector.


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