Ethiopia traveltech hotel aggregator startup – Room Roaming

Room Roaming

Ethiopia is a land of rich cultural and historical tourist destinations. However, there is recently a gap when it comes to providing infrastructure for travelers that are looking for affordable yet quality room service. Despite the rising number of international hotel franchises, there are few existent budget-hotel brands.

Room Roaming is one of the local traveltech Ethiopia budget aggregators established in 2018. It consolidates all hotels under a single uniform brand that ensures consistent, quality service from the online booking platform. Feven Tefera is one of the company’s co-founders.

Room Service looks to consolidate all member hotel services to a high standard developed by leading industry experts. The exact standard guidelines are implemented at the hotels through consulting and training support given by Room Roaming.

Part of the engagement with hotels covers rebranding, consulting, monitoring and evaluation. The activities are then followed by intense marketing carried out through Room Roaming’s legacy digital marketing channels. Room Roaming offers guests an online booking platform that ensures hotels provide quality services and a consistent experience.

Five big hotels are currently signed up to its brand; Room Roaming Newday hotel, Room Roaming Kersay Hotel, Room Roaming Ronaliy Hotel, Room Roaming Budget category, and Room Roaming Bellevue hotel.


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