Expected Speakers for #IOTFA2018

Reshaad Sha, Aki Anastasiou, Yolisa Kani, Nondzwakazi Gumede, Abdul Baba, Xolani Hadebe, Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, Luyanda Ndlovu, George Kalebaila, Liza (Richard) Tillman, Dr. Ricky Swanepoel, Ian Keller, Vimbai Muzofa, Adrian Schofield, Paul Kankwende, Willem Fick, Sunil Geness, Dr. Towela Nyirenda Jere, Sylvia Bopape

Internet of Things Forum Africa 2018 (#IOTFA2018)will take place between March 14th and 15th in Johannesburg. It will be the second edition of the event since its inception. The event will be hosted at Gallagher Convention Centre. The experts will discuss problems facing IoT and give possible solutions to the problem.

The industry luminaries and other leading thought leaders who will attend the conference will also liberate on emerging IoT trends. They will also discuss the possible effects of adopting IoT in various sectors such as manufacturing, security, mining, and others.

Besides, the event discussions will revolve around transformation and benefits of IoT. They will also discuss possible IoT disruptions concerning enterprise growth.

Currently, the organizers have confirmed that Eskom’s chief technologist, Dr. Ricky Swanepoel and Nepad’s Principal Programme Officer, Dr. Towela Nyirenda Jere will attend the event. Moreover, the Chief Information Officer from Eskom Pension and Provident Fund, Willem Fick will also join the other speakers. Additionally, Liza (Richard) Tillman who is currently the Head of IT Operations at Sanlam confirmed attendance. Babcock International Group – Africa will send the group IT manager, Sylvia Bopap to represent the organization.

The organizers also confirmed that TBWA Africa’s Group It Director, Abdul Baba and IITPSA’s program consultant Adrian Schofield will attend. The University of Pretoria will send Xolani Hadebe who is the university’s IT Director and CIO. Moreover, the Information Technology Association will be represented by their president, Sunil Geness.

SqwidNet’s CEO Reshaad Sha and Time Tunnel Consulting’s CIO, Dr. Gaurav Pradha have also confirmed attendance. The head of South Africa’s Uber policy, Yolisa Kani and I head from Governance and Operations at Right to Care, Vimbai Muzofa will also attend the event.

The latest communication from Eastern Cape Department of Health showed that their Chief Information Officer, Nondzwakazi Gumede, will represent them. George Kalebaila who is IDC’s Director of Telecoms & IoT – Africa also confirmed that he will be a speaker at the event. The Department of Public Service and Administration will be represented by Luyanda Ndlovu who is their CIO.

Other invited dignitaries who confirmed attendance include Ian Keller from Discovery Limited who is currently the group CISO. The conference host who also hosts Technobyte on Radio 702, Aki Anastasiou will also attend the event. Finally, at the time of this publication, the head of Interbank & RTGS at Standard Bank Group, Vimbai Muzofa confirmed that he will not miss the event.


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