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Facebook Appreciates Africa’s Tireless Effort


TechInAfrica – TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa that was held in 2017 gave Africans from different countries plant foam to showcase their innovation. The event which was sponsored by Facebook noted the tireless effort shown by the quick-growing group of African tech and entrepreneurs and developers.

The event was not the only activity hosted on that day, but alongside it, Facebook had a privilege of placing African startups, developers, influencers and community leaders under the same roof to share ideas learn and connect with the same time.

Much emphasis was vested in Africans creative, diverse talent and influential technology companies who are in a position to manufacture different products and help in solving both local and global audience’s problems. The event brought together 15 startups that were competing for a cash price of $25000.

Lori system from Nairobi that was classified under productivity and utility category outsmarted everyone. The company is of much help to African businesspeople by offering them both logistics and cargo markets to their businesses. SynCommerce from Ghana emerged the winner in the gaming and entertainment category. Etsy and the Social good category was taken by AgroCenta, a venture that offers an online market to African farmers.

Co-founder and CEO of Deliver Science Company from Nigeria lauded the gesture shown at the event. He appreciated the creativity and talent in the continent.  The CEO was moved by the way African innovators and technical entrepreneurs showed their innovations and the stories behind their rise.

Facebook is one of the social platforms that is growing and developing every day. The faster growth is because of its bedrock on robust startup ecosystem.

The startup ecosystem has positively exposed African entrepreneurs and innovators to the global world this helps Africa in growing both socially and economically. It’s up to the young upcoming entrepreneurs to make good use of the available opportunities.


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