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Facebook Tests Dark Mode for Mobile

Photo by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

TechInAfrica – A new dark mode has been publicly tested by Facebook for its mobile app on both Android and iOS. 

Users with the option to try the new feature can do so by activating it in their Settings & Privacy section under the Menu tab. Users can make it on or off, or even leave it up to system-level settings. Facebook can follow the setting if users activate the dark mode on OS level when the sun goes down, according to Engadget. 

Facebook Bring Out New Messenger Design

In its blog post, Facebook said that the giant social media platform also adds new features like selfie stickers and vanish mode. These two features will be available soon. 

The new design of Facebook Messenger indicates a move to the future of messaging. It will be a more fun and integrated way to hang out with the users’ friends, on their favorite apps and devices. 

Facebook Adds New Shopping Tab to App

To provide a space for its users to discover business and shop for products, Facebook adds a new shopping tab to its app. 

On the official blog, the platform says that the transformation to online shopping has rapidly accelerated during the global pandemic. It is estimated that 85% of people around the world now choose to shop online. 

By adding the shopping tab, Facebook expects that it can help users to have a shopping experience. Also, it intends to encourage everyone, from an entrepreneur to the largest brand, to use its apps to connect with customers and grow their business. Unfortunately, the new tab is currently only available in the US.



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