Fintech Startup Tookeez from Morocco Secures $1.5 Million Investment


Moroccan FinTech startup tookeez has proudly secured a substantial USD 1.5 million in a recent fundraising round led by the esteemed Azur Innovation Fund. Known for championing innovative and ambitious ventures, the public-private seed capital fund is dedicated to enhancing the customer loyalty landscape in Africa and the MENA region. With this infusion of capital, tookeez is poised to expedite its growth across Morocco, the continent, and the MENA region. The company remains committed to advancing its technical capabilities, with a particular focus on blockchain technology.

Tookeez is a versatile platform that consolidates loyalty points from a variety of brands into a single wallet. This innovative wallet facilitates seamless transactions across a vast network of shops and brands, serving as an additional revenue stream. By utilizing Tookeez, brands can empower their customers to conveniently and instantly use their points within an extensive and diverse network while still upholding the distinct identity of their loyalty programs. This startup enables members of different loyalty programs to accumulate and flexibly convert their points within a broad partner network, enhancing the overall customer experience.




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