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The Five Advantages of Time Management


TechInAfrica – Some people, whilst having only one job and one hobby, couldn’t manage their time properly and in return led them to being rushed all the time. These people may wish to have more hours in one day—not just 24.

Many people feel like they simply don’t have enough time to achieve what they want. The solution for this is simple; better time management. This notion can be applied for people from various layers of society—including you and myself. The goal is to promote and bolster productivity regarding the activities organized.

Whilst being a crucial skill to develop to boost your career, proficient time management can also help in your daily social lives. These are five benefits that you can reap:

Streamline your work process

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To do simple, mundane tasks, people usually get sidetracked along the way—checking their missed calls, messages, or even their social media platforms. Streamlining your work process means putting aside these potential distractions whilst setting up an uninterrupted amount of time to do a certain task.

For example, if you want to finish the data sorting process you’ve been working for the past 2 days, set up merely two hours to completely indulge yourself in the task.  Put aside your phone for only two hours, and you’d be amazed on how much productivity can be manifested during those uninterrupted sessions.

Moreover, if you acquaint yourself to this habit of mapping uninterrupted work hours, you’ll soon figure out the amount of time it takes to complete a certain job. Along with the feasibility to project realistically how long a project should take (to your boss or stakeholders), this can also help you plan your day and projects more effectively.

Minimize procrastination

Better time management means better at creating mini-deadlines for yourself. The implementation of mini-deadlines can build you scheduled tasks and targets, which means there would be more room to breathe rather than pulling an all-nighter to finish a certain task.

Without a deadline, there is no urgency, and more than often, it makes us less likely to complete tasks quickly or efficiently.

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Improve your focus

Related to streamlining your work process we’ve discussed earlier, putting aside your distractions can significantly boost your productivity and subsequently, your focus. When you say no (to yourself and your temptations) to check your social media, your emails, or your messages, you’ll be able to devote your mind into completing the task at hand—and that’s the purest embodiment of focusing.

What’s there to reap from focusing? A better work result, of course!

Better work-life balance

Have you ever heard of the saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”?

This means with poor time management, you’ll probably find no time for yourself as you’ve got your hands full with the assignments you have to do. The best part of time management is having enough time to have fun whilst not having too much fun—get what I mean?

For instance, amidst the deadlines you’ve gotta complete, you’ll find time to have dinner with the ones you love, or see the new horror movie your friends have been talking about.

With a better work-life balance, you’d enjoy life much easier and in return, you’ll come to work with a better mood despite you’ve still got loads to do. Remember: time away from work can actually make you a better worker, so be sure to take time to do what you love!

Become successful quicker

Last but not least, better time management can help you come across as a professional. This would eventually boost your work ethics and work quality, and that’s one of the most fervent ways to be successful in the career path you chose.



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Written by Charis Chrisna

Writer, author, part-time fallacious wanderer, and an avid Hotline Miami lover.

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