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Food ordering platform for SA restaurant adds a mobile QR code

he digitized menu enables diners to make an order after viewing their menu then making direct phone payments

Mr Yum

Mr Yum just added a QR Code mobile table-ordering platform. The digitized menu enables diners to make an order after viewing their menu, then making direct phone payments. The technology was brought by local entrepreneurs aiming to make their restaurants more profitable. Among the early adopters of the technology are Harringtons Cocktail Lounge in Cape Town, Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, Surfa Rosa, and Peddlars.

Mr Yum, the food ordering platform launched in early 2020 to help customers order and pay for food at their favorite restaurants using the Mr Yum website. Mr Yum is not a delivery service but allows restaurants to eliminate middlemen when running their deliveries while simplifying online deliveries and platforms. As a web-based platform, customers get contactless menus and payments when in-table dining.

Mr Yum currently supports over 1,000 restaurants in New Zealand and Australia. One can now access the real-time menu using a QR-code without having to download or sign up for anything. A highly visual and interactive menu personalizes the dining experience.

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