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G-Core Labs & Kaspersky Innovation Hub launch open program for gaming startups

G-Core Labs

Market researcher Newzoo estimates there could be over 3 billion gamers by 2023, a situation that presents a great opportunity for developers who aspire to tap into this segment Starting in 2020, the G-Core Labs & Kaspersky Innovation Hub after they made a call for gaming startups that create solutions in cybersecurity as relates to the gaming industry.

Benefits of the program

All in all, the startups get support in their product development and gain access to a partner network that includes premium cloud services and solutions. All startups that run through the program get Go-to-market validation, scaling & sales, product testing & design, early-stage credits (worth €1,000), growing G-core credits (€7,500), and Unicorn G‑Core credits €25,000.

To apply for the Kaspersky Innovation Hub, the startup must:

  • Can convert a great idea into an MVP
  • Has made its first sales
  • Understanding of customer pain points
  • Have a great marketing and tech combination.

Kaspersky is an international cybersecurity company working on innovation while collaborating with brilliant minds to accelerate the development of new solutions. G-Core Labs provides cloud and CDN solutions through video games and other entertainment media businesses.

You can apply for the Open program for gaming startups here


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