Ghana health tech startup enters the Ethiopia market


mPharma, a Ghanaian healthtech startup expands its Sub-Saharan Africa presence with the entry to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Started in 2013 as a vendor-managed inventory, retail pharmacy operations offering market intelligence that serves hospitals, patients, and pharmacies. mPharma was founded by Gregory Rockson, James Finucane, and Daniel Shoukimas. 

mPharma has partnered with Belayab to enter their eighth market in sub-Saharan Africa to increase the access of patients to quality and affordable medication across Ethiopia through Halton’s Limited subsidiary.

mPharma and Belayab Pharmaceuticals will team up to open additional pharmacies in Addis Ababa. In 2019, the Ghanian company acquired Kenya’s second-largest pharmacy chain, Harltons that commands 27 stores.

As per the partnership, Mutti (mPharma’s health membership program) for patients will receive discounts on their drugs and financing options which help in alleviating the overall healthcare costs. Mutti will also benefit uninsured patients who go out of pocket for medications and have to bear the cost of high drug prices.

mPharma’s CEO Gregory Rockson pointed out how mPharma will create an “inclusive” medical cover that makes healthcare across Africa more safe and affordable.

More on the recent moves by mPharma and Belayab available on CIO


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