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Ghana Sees Huge Surge in Digital Communications with COVID Pushing Customer Experience

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TechInAfrica – Generally, upgrading the client experience (CX) has been about making up for lost time for most companies in Ghana until the flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic, which essentially sped up the uptake of advanced channels by companies last year.

As the pandemic drove buyers to keep away from conventional physical communication with brands, many corporations had to move their administrations and items on the web.

For instance, numerous insurance agencies that pre-owned outsider agents before the pandemic are presently embracing computerized channels at a high rate. It will permit clients to purchase policies on the web, using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) or through a mobile application or site.

Not exclusively was the appropriation of computerized channels essentially sped up, so was an interest in this space as numerous areas in Ghana profited from this pattern, particularly in the medical services area.

Individuals would now be able to have an online conference with their doctor, make an arrangement, or relate their indications, all without walking inside a hospital. Furthermore, individuals would now be able to make an arrangement online for the COVID-19 immunization through an advanced channel before going face to face to have the chance.

Therefore, there has been a massive ascent in the selection, with numerous domestic organizations hoping to utilize a platform like WhatsApp for Business, Chatbots, and Application Programming Interface (API). Those platforms will assist companies in connecting their businesses to the current backend system (call centers, websites, Mobile Apps, and others). Also, to extend abilities to draw in with existing clients and to install new ones digitally.

Besides WhatsApp, a significant number of Ghana’s famous companies are incorporating chatbot arrangements with social media messaging channels, making for an expanding commonness in the utilization of chatbots for client commitment in the country.


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