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Globacom as the Most Subscribed Internet Provider in Nigeria


TechInAfrica – To achieve technological and industrial advancement, one of the key factors of building such vision is to implement internet connection in our everyday lives. This is also signified by the idea called Internet of Things (IoT)—we have an exclusively-designed section for the matter, and you can visit it by clicking here. Nowadays, even your ordinary bluetooth speaker, your mundane printer, even your everyday microwave oven is able to connect themselves to the internet, leading to a more accessible and flexible room for the users to command their own home appliances. This further emphasized that internet plays a key role in building a more sustainable future for technology.

Globacom Limited—more commonly known as Glo, a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company—recently had crowned the top spot as the most subscribed internet provider in the nation. Despite having dropped the country’s overall internet users by a staggering 332,338 for the month, Globacom itself has gained a total of 196,816 users. The only other internet provider who has also experienced a gain in users is Airtel, gaining a total of 42,510 customers in the same period. The other network service providers such as MTN and 9Mobile lost a couple numbers of users.

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What is the secret that Globacom implements? For one, Globacom has proven itself to be the locals’ favorite due to its cheap data packages and fast internet connectivity. In addition, the company also served as the first provider to offer 4G services across Nigeria back in 2016. One of their most fervent introductions to the telecommunications scene is EasyShare—in which users are facilitated to share their call credit with anyone they choose on the Glo network. Millions of Nigerians using Glo’s services are now able to seamlessly enjoy fast internet with efficient cost.



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