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Why It’s a Great Time to Be an Entrepreneur: 3 Reasons


TechInAfrica – As an entrepreneur, it has always been a constant job to keep alert with the ever-changing technological and societal needs. Being able to maintain a quick-witted adaptation with the societal demands and to hold refreshing solution at the same time can be tricky, but entrepreneurs are more than ready to welcome these challenges because, in their world, challenges are equal to opportunities. Paired with a fresh confident on tackling their business growth, it’s definitely a great time to be an entrepreneur, and here’s why.

GoDaddy, a US-based survey company, reach out to more than 4000 small businesses from 10 regions worldwide to collect their perspective regarding the innovation culture and how they are personally affected as entrepreneurs, and as to the kind of challenges they face in consequence to these developments in the business climate.

U.S. entrepreneurs experiences have been positive as they are optimistic about their business growth and feel empowered enough to handle the technological section, and simultaneously believe that they gain flexibility in return.

Entrepreneurs are becoming more confident about their business growth

This increasing confident can be seen from a survey held by Startupnation, which marked 25% of confidence growth from 70% of U.S. entrepreneurs in three to five years from now.

This result is in agreement with the recent NFIB Small Business Optimism Index report. There’s a significant shift in how small businesses handle their workload, which is the more pronounced optimism. As expected, both millennials and entrepreneurs active in the digital world receive high impact of confidence growth, in which a growth of 50% is to be expected for millennials in the next three to five years, and about 97% of business-owning websites will grow to a minimum 25% mark for three to five years from now, as opposed to the 64% without it.

Technology certainly plays an important role to have the confidence grow within the ones that depended on it. In the millennials case, being dependent on technology in turn change the dynamic between their customers and the brands, and allows them to seek out resources that are made available especially for small business owners. Additionally, by owning a website makes it possible for small business owners to feel naturally optimistic, since having a website would strengthen their digital presence and therefore simplify the process of their brands to be noticed by customers in a short time.

Your digital presence is becoming more practical to manage

Progressive development in technology couldn’t be more than a chance to better groom your business. For non-tech-savvy figures, GoDaddy comes in with tools that help set your domain name and build your website.

You don’t have to be a professional IT person to expand your digital business. There are widely available tools online that can help you manage your business without a hassle.

Location is no longer a hindrance thanks to rising digital nomad

Entrepreneurs can now work remotely thanks to the digital nomad happenings that turn prominent in this era. Working from different place and countries is possible due to the swift development of the online market, technology, and tools.

As digital nomad becomes a more recognized occurrence, even younger generation will likely to be accustomed to this remote working culture, making it common in near future, as the research conducted by Startupnation expressed from the perspective of baby boomers (49%) and Gen-X (42%), twice than millennials (26%).

In the end, technology is shaping the way business is conducted, and instead of hindering, it’s helping entrepreneurs crossing borders that traditional business may have lacked.

Source: Startupnation


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