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Uganda Implements Regulations Regarding Social Media Influencers


TechInAfrica – Social media has been a platform that is widely used around the world. As it has gained popularity, social media platforms have now been used to earn extra income for social media influencers. Those who obtain large followers usually earn some income from sponsored posts on their accounts.

As it gets bigger now, in Uganda, the communications regulator has implemented certain regulations regarding social media influencers with large commercialized online followings. It is reported that they are obliged to register their online commercialized activities.

Uganda Implements Regulations Regarding Social Media Influencers
Uganda Implements Regulations Regarding Social Media Influencers via

According to this regulation, they will be charged with a $20 fee which aims at clamping down on immoral or prejudiced content. This scheme is seen by critics as a campaign by Ugandan President to suppress online content opposing the government.

On the other hand, this scheme is also seen as one of the efforts to be updated with the world through social media, which has been done by Uganda these recent years.

In 2018, Uganda started to implement taxes for its citizens who accessed social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. They were charged UGX 200 tax daily. Moreover, the Ugandan authorities also blocked VPNs to stifle the social media tax dodgers. The tax came after the increasing number of mobile internet users. There was also the time where they wanted bloggers and online content creators to register themselves and pay an annual tax of $20.



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