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Namibia’s Paratus Introduces Initial Phase of LTE Mobile Plan


TechInAfrica – For developing countries where internet connection is deemed to be a substantial factor for economy and technology growth, LTE—an abbreviation for Long-Term Evolution—is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals. LTE most often defines 4G mobile communications standards, as most smartphones nowadays (ranging from low to high-end) implements such feature for its users to enjoy. With up to ten times the speed of 3G mobile networking, 4G LTE has become the newest mainstream in the fields of convenient network; where almost everyone can access with affordable cost pricing.

Paratus, a Namibian internet service provider, recently introduced their initial phase of national-scale LTE mobile plan on Wednesday, 7 August 2019. The company aims to deliver a more sustainable, reliable alternative to networking after its independent expansion on Walvisbay and Swakopmundto—meaning they weren’t dependent to any other service providers in the country.

Andrew Hall, the company’s Managing Director of Nigeria, asserted that this notion was based on the goal to establish a reliable service for both local and international network traffic.

Paratus Namibia team via

After its project more commonly known as Trans Kalahari Fiber, the company offers customers a higher capacity—meaning more gigabytes of data plan—at the most affordable of prices. Hall also claimed that Paratus currently facilitates customers to enjoy per-gigabyte data top-ups along with the cheapest prices among other competitors. Furthermore, with the launch of its Mumwe product—claimed also as a one-of-a-kind measure—Paratus allows its customers to tap into one centralized data pool from multiple technologies using either Mobile-LTE, Fixed-LTE, Fibre or a WiMAX connection.

LTE services, as seamless as its predecessor, can be enjoyed regardless of your position; whether you are far from home (and I’m not talking about Mysterio) or close to your local community.



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