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How Work From Home Can Reduce Risk Of Cyber-threats 

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TechInPacific – With the transition from physical contact to digital interaction in the workforce during the pandemic, a shift of security is observed in the cybersecurity department.

Issues such as weak or nonexistent home wifi passwords shared laptops within family members, lack of firewalls, and unfiltered use of VPN have increased the risk of vulnerabilities in the worker and their workplace safety.

A survey by VMWare found 91% of global respondents relieve cyberattacks after the start of the pandemic.

It has become critical homework for companies in all sectors to submit immediately, on managing cybersecurity. Instead of being an after-thought, it’s time for the business players to make cybersecurity a fort that protects the company from all sides.

Ideally, any plans or tweaks made to patch the security issue should be tested at least every 90 days under different circumstances and trials.

The platform for collaborative work has moved to cloud-based platforms to be on the safer side of the line. Still, it’s important to make sure that someone will always be there on-site to oversee and maintain the office-based data centers and software.

Companies should be more than ready to provide the right and adequate resources, tools, protocols, and security training for the work-from-home workers, and ready to cover costlier bandwidth usage.

 Data owners should be more aware of their data are being used and the layers of security that enclose it.

Another thing to note is the uniformity of workers on having a secure network, firewall, and VPN use to connect to the system that ought to be achieved if reduced risk of cybersecurity threats is one of the concerns.

Lastly, workers also play an important role in understanding and reacting to a possible cyber threat since they’re the most vulnerable ones in the picture. When companies can invest in well-planned high-security measurements that involve the workers, any unwarranted threats can be less damaging and impactful for the business.



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