Huawei Technology Company Makes Inroads in Zimbabwe


The graduation ceremony that was held at TelOne Centre for Learning (TCfL) that saw 163 students being awarded diplomas in different technology courses came with a lot of surprises. It was during the ceremony when a Huawei Learning Partner announced its partnership with the institution to train its students in Huawei courses and various products.

The center which is the top telecommunication institute in Zimbabwe also launched seven new programs. The TCLfL’s trainers were also certified by Huawei, and they will be responsible for training students through Huawei Learning Partners programs. The certification is seen as a huge step in the development of telecommunication sector.

The programs will also help Zimbabwe in promoting some technologies that are being implemented within the country. The partnership was lauded by some people in Zimbabwe. The teaching of trainers by Huawei is seen as a significant way through which the company has offered technical support to the Zimbabweans.

The government was pleased by the move stating that beyond just selling of technology to the country, Huawei has gone further to offer essential skills needed to maintain the new technological developments. The deal shows how tirelessly TelOne has been working behind the closed doors to ensure there are some modern technology training programs. Apart from the seven different programs launched during the graduation, TelOne also has the four HEXCO certifications.

The event was inaugurated by diplomats, Huawei officials, and representatives from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.


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