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Wi-Fi Installation on Taxis Gives Traveling More Fun


Pamwe Transport is a taxi agency in Namibia run by three entrepreneurs; Andrea Morelli, Chomba Ngambi, and Joseph Makombe. The agency has three taxis which have been in operation for less than three months. The overwhelming reception they received has continue to attract more clients. Additionally, the high level of professionalism from different fields by the three founders gave the idea an ideal ground of being successful in future.

With trusted, dedicated and experienced drivers, the taxis have marveled strong followers from the locals. The taxis are one of a kind since they are among the first cars to be installed with a  Wi-Fi  system, an idea borrowed from South Africa. The customers who aboard the taxis enjoy a wonderful experience of enjoyin online services, and still be rest asured of their security by using a GPS tracking app.

The customers usually enjoy the ride since they can surf while traveling for free, and this has made many taxi users to prefer the Pamwe taxis over the rest. The drivers also get an opportunity of owning the car when the  cummulative earnings from the vehicle can purchase a new car. The taxis have been operating only within Windhoek.

The management of the Pamwe Transport has been challenged to offer longer distances rather than only operating within Windhoek. Their services is relatively cheaper, and consumers have a list of services to chose from. A trip goes for only N$10.

Despite the success, the company is facing some challenges which are similar to other taxi firms. For instance, its inability to reach more destinations and hence customers. Also, the low number of taxis cannot sustain the high number of consumers. Therefore, they lose out loyal consumers to other taxis during urgent times.


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