Huawei unveils its new App gallery in South Africa

Huawei Mobile app gallery

Huawei mobile has launched the latest version of its AppGallery that features an enhanced and new way to capture content for South African users. The company’s update empowers users with a smooth array of apps, games, and resources as well as high-quality editorial content, request updates, and engaging features.

The new features give users a great discovery experience which boasts a user base of over 530 million monthly users. This new app version provides tailored and localized topics based on user interests while highlighting the trending games and apps with striking visuals complemented by descriptive and immersive content.

AppGallery creates an exceptional and redefined experience for its users which makes the discovery of new content more exciting. There are two different tabs for Apps and Games. Users can also access content material such as articles, reviews, expert guides, and trading applications.

‘Promotions’ and ‘gifts’ tab highlighting the latest offers carried on the platform that includes cashback offers, lucky draws, exclusive promos, and winning challenges. This localized tab generates the most user interaction from proximity.


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