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Interactive Content Needs Your Attention Right Now


TechInAfrica – Nowadays, 91% of buyers prefer to consume interactive content, such as quizzes, rather than static content, such as a written article. It can educate, generate new and valuable ideas or simply make technical information more digestible so that your brand can communicate. As you may have seen on social media, the use of interactive content is growing exponentially in popularity. Its main objective is to allow a conversation between the brand and the customer. Through this interaction, brands communicate their product ideas while customers provide feedback to the company.

Customers want to be more active rather than just sitting and listening to a monologue; they want to participate actively, and this is why this kind of content is developing. Passivity is exactly the problem with static content: it is a one-way street. While the company is actually talking to its consumers, the customers themselves have no chance to get involved.

Thus, startups need to update their interactive content and invest in more effective and unique campaigns. Content that invites clients to interact generates up to five times more page views than static content. And it’s easy to understand why when you put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. Think about the type of content you like as a customer, and when words like “fun”, “interesting” and “engaging” come to mind. That’s exactly what interactive content is: moving from boring to intriguing and entertaining.

This type of content can generate twice as many conversions as passive content, which encourages potential customers to visit your website and increases the possibility of these very large sales. In addition, investing time in creating original interactive content not only encourages people to share it, but also allows you to stand out from the competition.

In this context, creativity is infinite, and it allows companies to create real value for their brands. Here are some types of content that have been successful and still are:

  • Video Q&As

Streaming video sessions allow brands to chat with their customers by answering their questions live during a webinar or video stream. Opening a dialogue is also an excellent way to build brand loyalty.

  • Quizzes and polls

You can use this tool to educate your customers about important information about your brand or industry. It’s a great way to access important data about who your customers are and what interests them so you can better understand them.

  • Social media

If you are starting your business, you can use tools that allow you to customize your content without having to invest a lot of money. Social networks like Facebook have pre-design templates that can be used creatively by any entrepreneur.

Once your company has some experience in content marketing and you have feedback on your target customer’s identity and the content that best suits your marketing objectives, you can adapt the interactive content that you create. You will create original content that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

There is no doubt that interactive content in the field of marketing is becoming more and more advanced. It not only improves engagement and conversion rates; it also provides constant feedback from your consumers. It can also improve your website design, increase brand loyalty and generate more traffic. In other words, interactive content already governs the content marketing space so are you waiting for?

Source: Startupnation


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