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Kibo, an educational technology startup in Nigeria secures $2million in seed round


The seed fundraising round for the Kibo, an educational technology startup in Nigeria Nigeria was led by Neo, a venture capitalist organization which was formed by the person that co-founded Pledges, Angel investors and Future Africa also joined in the funding round. 

Kibo School is an online educational establishment that offers high-quality degrees and access to networks and talents. Ope Bukola created the school in 2021.

The organization combines the adaptability of self-paced learning with an active network of instructors and peers to unlock more profound levels of motivation, knowledge and knowledge acquisition in its employees. Keno Omu and Rob Cobb were among the individuals who helped her establish the Kibo School.

The primary purpose of the seed round is to get the degree program up and running. We will persist in providing these crash courses even while we are in the process of submitting our application for certification. She said

According to her, the school’s short courses which started last year have trained four hundred students from thirteen countries in Africa . The school’s top priority now is to enroll students in its degree programs.

The startup has made its service available to students in six places, including Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, to make it easier for students to get together sporadically. Applicant’s homes must be situated at least a hundred kilometres from each of these cities to be eligible. 

The company has brought in $2.4 million in funding from its pre-seed round the previous year.

Students in Africa can choose from various online degree programs in the STEM fields after the online university receives the additional funds.




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