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Kwik Delivery hits 100K customers forecasts agressive 2022 growth

Kwik offers their customers access to end-to-end delivery and fulfillment services

Kwik Delivery

Africa Delivery Technologies SAS operating under the trade name Kwik Delivery has today announced its GMV and revenue growth in 2021 by 400% year-on-year. The platform has thus far reached over 100,000 B2B users. Kwik Delivery’s digital platform connects delivery partners and corporate clients in the large African cities offering digital solutions for e-commerce payments and fulfillment.

Kwik Delivery was launched in 2019 and opened top B2B clients across Lagos and since expanded rapidly in terms of their customer base and services. Kwik Delivery founder and CEO Romain POIROT-LELLIG said Kwik offers their customers access to end-to-end delivery and fulfillment services.

Last year, the company was awarded “Most Innovative Logistics Company of the Year” by the influential Nigerian publication BusinessDay. Kwik Delivery anticipates similar growth for the fiscal year 2022 as they expand the current verticals and launch new digital services.


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