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Lenovo Introduces World’s First Foldable Laptop


TechInAfrica – With Samsung’s introduction on their newly-developed Galaxy Z-Fold, laptops have also taken this trend of foldables to be implemented in the future. Okay, maybe laptops have always been a foldable convenience since its early days—that’s why they call it laptop. However, Lenovo recently developed a prototype laptop that can fold along the screen. A screen that boasts a 13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display. Folded, it would resemble a simple hardcover book so you can fool everyone on the metro that you’re just carrying your everyday notebook. How cool is that?

For its usage, users are able to put it to use on its book form or completely opened up. In addition, users will also be able to write or draw on the screen using its designated stylus—or type their everyday essays using its on-screen keyboard. Additionally, if on-screen keyboards aren’t your thing, the laptop will also come with its own separate, wireless keyboard designed for accessibility purposes.

Lenovo’s take on the world’s first foldable laptop via

Furthermore, an anti-scratch screen layer will also be built in alongside the display.

Tom Brant, an editor of PCmag, asserted:

The screen ratio is an old-fashioned 4:3, which used to be common on laptop screens until widescreen video pushed most products to the 16:9 orientation. There are a few other screens with 4:3 or similar orientations, including the members of Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Laptop families.

If you wanna plug in your flash drive or your optical mouse, the device also comes with two USB Type C ports.

Windows Central, via their official YouTube channel, released a video featuring the first impressions of the foldable laptop. You can watch the video below:

The device, called Lenovo Thinkpad, was first hinted back in 2017—but developments were far too insignificant to finish the notion at that time. Then, in May 2019, Lenovo finally unveiled its long-awaited innovative design of PC.



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