Mauritius tech startup Bongeni launches home delivery platform


Mauritius tech startup Bongeni launches an online delivery platform where individuals and businesses seeking home delivery services are matched to relevant transportation options available from a fleet of independent drivers.

Formed in August 2019, Bongeni rolls out its services in June offering an Uber-style marketplace for transportation exclusively dedicated to moving apartments and delivering goods. The platform accommodates all types of vehicles.

Bongeni runs a B2B operational model while using mobile apps to cover delivery and shipping.

Philipp Demidoff, the Director of Bongeini, shared, “This new type of economic relations, which was made possible by the wide adoption of GPS-enabled smartphones, has the potential to improve the lives of people, help reduce wealth distribution disparities, and at the same time have a positive impact on the environment.”

Bongeni is currently self-funded and has narrowed its focus on Mauritius. There is no plan for a future geographical expansion anytime soon.


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