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South Africa’s own e-hailing app Taxi Live to compete with Uber


Taxi Live Africa is a new South African e-hailing app making headwinds. The app aims to compete and offer competitive rates and prices that are better than Uber.

Taxi Live gives it’s passengers competitive prices per kilometer. The app also offers competitive rates for the drivers registered on its platform. Taxi Live is available in Johannesburg and Durban and plans to expand Cape Town.

What are the features of Taxi Live

Taxi Live improves on safety features offered by its e-hailing app. Luvuyo Ntshay, the founder and CEO promises drivers and riders access to an SOS button in the app, that can signal the police. Inside the app is an in-built location tracker link that helps users share information with their contacts.

Users can also split fares using the apps in-built fare system. Since the app tasks a little commission from drivers it offers competitive rates to their passengers who can book larger vehicles for their planned trips. Large vehicles are similar to airport support shuttles.

What makes Taxi Live Africa different?

The services offered by Taxi Live Africa appeal to drivers who want to register on their platform. E-hailing app companies recognize the drivers as shareholders who part with 40% of their profit. There is a 15% commission which is lower than other e-hailing services.

You can download the Taxi Live Africa on the App Store and Google Play Store for free.


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