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Meet theHatch, Inlaks’ New Incubation Program


TechInAfrica – With the ever-growing means of connectivity via technology, fintech startups have also taken their respective roles in contributing towards a more sustainable tech scene in their own regions. One of the most effective notions to promote this growth is the existence of various incubation programs—offering ideation, acceleration, and co-creation focus areas for seed-stage startups. theHatch, Inlaks’ new and methodological innovation hub, is designed to enable startups by providing them with hands on innovation programs, funding, space and resources required to deliver growth and traction.

Cited from their site, theHatch is also specially designed for innovators, technologists, technology start ups, institutional investors and all other bodies that are passionate about impacting lives.

Winners of the incubation and acceleration programs have emerged at this year’s Insurtech Hackathon themed “Shaping the future of Insurance”, held on the 27th and 28th July 2019 at Inlaks’ Corporate Head Office. This hackathon, in addition, featured various CEOs and other executives representing the insurance, technology, Fintech and other sectors across Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Amongst other 85 participants, three winners were chosen with the most innovative, creative, and technologically-enabled solutions addressing certain problems in the insurance sector in general. Winners, in return, had carried away the top three prizes for developing an advancement towards Insurtech.

Inlaks’ Launch of theHatch via

Olufemi Muraino, executive director (Innovation and Business Transformation) at Inlaks expressed his utmost delight to bring together all the hosts of brilliant African innovators and developers. This, in return, would generally grant the insurance industry a huge increase in productivity.

Furthermore, Muraino also added:

I am elated at the launch of our Tech Hub as we are focused on opening up new markets while also introducing innovative information technology products into the Sub-Saharan African markets.

Inlaks and its significant contributions towards the ICT sector—for three decades, no less—offers continuous and constant support in growing tech solutions to adapt to mankind’s need, as well as keeping up with the unprecedented demands of the industry.



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