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Microsoft Partners with Liquid for Fibre deal in Africa


Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a leading fibre company in Africa has recently announced an alliance with Microsoft which fulfills Microsoft’s Airband initiative of increasing its connectivity to accommodate 20 million people from African Countries like Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo by 2025. Though the original goal is to expand internet access to over 100 million people across the continent of Africa.

This Partnership aims to achieve its goals by making use of digital technology and investment to create job opportunities for the people and to build a new cloud computing and artificial intelligence market in the area which would benefit Microsoft in the long run.

Liquid and Microsoft will work together and introduce several partnerships that will increase food production in Africa including using AI to monitor crops.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is recognised as Africa’s biggest independent fibre network and because of its partnership with Microsoft, Microsoft will be able to expand its reach on the continent.

Their Airband Initiatives are set to form an alliance with telecommunications and electricity Providers, non-profit organisations and the government to increase internet access.

Microsoft President Brad Smith, says that the company is dedicated to using digital technology as a tool to create more economic opportunities and this partnership will go a long way in achachievingis goal while also driving change and innovation in that area.

This announcement comes ahead of the United Nations Conference about underdeveloped nations which Microsoft is expected to make further commitments towards improving the economic opportunities in Africa

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