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Sudanese Print Media to Experience Digital Transformation.


Digital technology is rapidly changing many sectors in Africa and in the world and the Sudanese media industry is not left out. With the surging inflation and depreciation in currency posing a challenge to the nation’s economy, news readers are rapidly turning to their mobile phones to stay informed and this change has led to the shutting down of the printing press in the country and in other African countries.

News Reports from Reuters show that the Sudanese people are becoming more conscious of how cost-effective digitised news is and because they seek to maximise their limited resources they are adapting to Digitized news. Digital transformation increases the value of company products through the adoption of digital tools to digitize its products and services.

In more developed countries, digital media is quickly adopted because it is powered by the partnerships of government, business and civil societies that are driven by innovation, leadership, and vision. Though this may not always be the case in Africa, however, economic hardship has led to the adoption of digital media in less developed countries of Africa including Sudan’s newspaper sector 

Youssef Hamad, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Hadatha, a Sundan-based print and online news publisher, says he is in favour of print journalism as society needs the credibility it offers. This is a sentiment shared by some major stakeholders in the Print industry despite the shift towards digital media 

Research by Magoub Mohamad Salih, a notable Sudanese Journalist shows how newspaper journalism has played a key role in the civilization of Sudan. From its time of existence, the print media has. “endeavoured to portray the progress of the country, “enlightened its people, created and fostered public opinion, informed the Sudanese of local and foreign events, rallied them behind their national aspirations and mobilised them in their fight for freedom. Since independence, it has worked for national unity, economic development and social reforms.”

As Digital media sweeps across Africa and is gradually causing a shift to digital news consumption, the significance of Sudanese Print Media is being challenged. However, with the economic hardship facing the country Digitized media may be inevitable.


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