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Private 5G made possible by NTT and Cisco.


NTT, a major IT company that provides infrastructure, and IT services with a branch in South Africa has come to announce its Partnership with Cisco, a global technological brand to push for the adoption of Private 5G across different sectors including; Healthcare, Automotive, Logistics, and Retail.

This collaboration is set to bring technology and managed services to the market thus enabling businesses to make use of 5G to achieve better results. This 5G solution when combined with Intel hardware is set to advance edge connectivity allowing the easy integration of Private 5G into the already existing LAN/WAN/Cloud infrastructure, for Cisco and NTT clients.

Some of the innovations this partnership is set to bring are; push-to-talk ‘walkie-talkie’ communications, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), always-connected PCs (for digital frontline workers), machine vision (e.g predictive maintenance, PPE detection), and more.

Both companies have started reorganising enterprise customers, as they also intend to support the computer vision for predictive analytics for manufacturing equipment functionality and maintenance, autonomous vehicles for moving products on the factory floor, leveraging NTT’s IoT-connected solutions, and product quality analysis.

According to Shahid Ahmed, the Executive Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT,  “This is a natural expansion of the cutting-edge capabilities and services NTT brings to market to help our global clients modernize their businesses. NTT and Cisco are building on our mutual commitment to build a simple to manage pure private network solution”

Both companies are set to deliver secure, reliable and future-proof Private 5G networks with NTT providing the needed network infrastructure, design deployment, run operations, use case development, device sourcing, compatibility and end-to-end testing for Cisco’s Private 5G.

This Partnership between Cisco and NTT is sure to accelerate the adoption of Private 5G thus causing a major shift in the digital transformation of different sectors.

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