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Mondia launches Monsooq, a new entertainment platform in Nigeria

Monsooq app

MONSOOQ is a new entertainment platform launched by Mondia in Nigeria. Mondia is a leading mobile technology company specialized in the marketing and distribution of digital content. On 30th December the company announced the second launch of its time-based entertainment platform Monsooq. This is after their initial Africa debut in South Africa.

Monsooq runs a unique time-based model allowing consumers to buy entertainment time as they would mobile airtime and consume any content they choose whether movies, sport, series, books, music, games, and educational content.

In the press release, Mondia Group CEO Dr. Amadeo Rahmann described Africa as the next frontier for digitization. Mondia will use its extensive footprint to increase its customer base and gain significant experience throughout the region. Nigeria offers a large market for digital streaming services primed on making Africa “the next frontier in regard to digitalisation”.

Monsooq prides its technology on a world-class recommendation engine that gives consumers access to the content they love. The platform will also feature local, regional, and international content. Having partnered with regional content providers such as Wi-flix and Viva Nation and several other international sports, gaming and international TV channels you are staring at over 20,000 hours of entertainment from EPIC ON and Esport.


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