Moringa School and MEST Partner to Offer Tech Course African Talents

Moringa‘s tech courses are set to be offered at MEST Incubator centers in Lagos, Accra and Cape Town. The Seed fund, Pan-Africa entrepreneurial training program and incubator MEST, announced its partnership with Moringa School. The partnership will allow Moringa Schools to offer its world-class tech training courses in the entire region where MEST is operating. These regions include Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. Aspiring technologies will be offered 20 weeks training and career placement services by the duo.

MEST’s plan is to expand throughout the African region. To that effect, new incubator centers in both Lagos and Cape Town.  It was also the first time startups that are yet to pass through the program organized by MEST can become members of the community by joining the Incubators.

According to the Managing Director of MEST Africa, “Moringa is one of the forces to reckon with as far as tech development in Africa is concerned and we are happy to join forces with them to expand our network to the rest of the African countries. “Our mission is to unravel the potential locked in the African tech community through a Pan-Africa network as well as joining forces with Moringa to develop tech talents in different parts of the African continent.

Moringa started their operations in Nairobi, Kenya, in April 2014. Since inception, they have expanded operations to Ghana, Hong Kong and recently in Pakistan through a joint partnership with World Bank. The partnership between MEST and Moringa will give the program better recognition in the Southern and West African regions.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Moringa School, Audrey Cheng, expressed his excitement concerning the program. According to him, “we are very happy to launch this program with an awesome partner like MEST.” The partnership will enable us to train and produce more world-class developers as well as transform the economies across the continent.

Moringa School is a world-known learning accelerator that provides talented and young Africans training in digital as well as professional skills. The programs are usually divided into two main courses which are the Moringa Prep and Moringa Core. The Moringa Prep introduces students to fundamentals of programming such as Javascript and involves five weeks training. The Moringa Core, on the other hand, lasts for fifteen weeks. Participants are taught programming language proper with a focus on full-stack development or Android.

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