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Morocco fintech startup Mosaiclab raises $225K for invoice processing platform Konta


Casablanca-based startup Mosaiclab launched Konta a Saas invoice-to-pay automation platform running on 100% Moroccan artificial intelligence technology. Konta has acquired several clients across Europe and Africa and is currently carrying out its first fundraising through WITAMAX, an investment company.

Companies can subscribe to this software remotely as they adapt to organizational models that need no initial investment. The new funds raised will go towards accelerating the company’s local and international expansion. Large accounts in Morocco and international SMEs get technology streamlining that simplifies the process of managing supplier expenses.

Konta’s technology runs on a systemic process that saves time, cost, and resources for players operating in the insurance, banking, automotive and aeronautical industries. The startups also resolve issues around regulatory compliance risks, omission, error, and fraud.

Each supplier invoice is audited shortening the approvals process and reducing the complexity of financial functions. This helps Konta support and held companies sustain relationships with their suppliers while creating a base for strategic service providers.


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