MTN Zambia Gifts Customers Free Browsing on Opera Mini

Free browsing is to enable customers to access the internet during the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown.


Bart Hofker, MTN Zambia CEO’s official statement reads;

“We at MTN Zambia know the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lifestyles and made us follow best practices on the preventive measure taken globally. This measure includes remaining indoor and maintaining the recommended social distance. However, to keep our customers entertained and informed during this lockdown, we are partnering with the Opera Mini browser and the famous Opera News to give our customers free access to browse the internet via the said browser.

MTN Zambia is quite happy with this partnership. Our Zambia customers will have 50MB every day on Opera Mini, including Opera News.

With free browsing on Opera Mini, customers can access the internet anytime and get access to relevant information. However, the free data is only for browsing, while customers who wish to stream videos will be charged from their available data bundle.

The opera browser is one of the finest browsers around. It offers a myriad of amazing features, such as include ad-block, offline file sharing, data saving mode, and other features that will enhance user experience.

Furthermore, the free browsing offered by MTN Zambia is only available to customers in the country. It is also dubbed the first of its kind in the region.

According to the company, what customers need to start enjoying this service is to download the Opera news app and browser from Google Play Store.

The CEO also reiterated that the partnership is a proof of the commitment MTN Zambia has and its interest in fostering the delivery of a new digital world in which all people will be connected.

Source: MTN Zambia


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