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Navigating the Chilly Climate: Future Paths for African Crypto Startups Amid Funding Winter


It seemed like a distant memory when a week went by without an African crypto startup announcing a significant achievement. These achievements ranged from funding rounds and market expansion to introducing new products.

Yet, for those closely monitoring the budding ecosystem in the past year or so, most of the news emerging from the African crypto space has been largely unfavorable. African crypto startups are either shutting down, cutting salaries, limiting customer withdrawals, or undergoing a ‘restructuring process.’

Reflecting on this, it’s perplexing to consider what went wrong with an ecosystem filled with such enthusiasm and resolve to transform Africa into the next blockchain innovation hub. There’s a noticeable air of skepticism concerning the future success of African crypto startups. As external investors become more cautious and revenue remains hard to come by, pressing questions are being raised.

In this context, of the conversation with Jose Mairura, a Kenyan venture capitalist, offers further insight into the challenges currently faced by African crypto startups.

The role of VC funding on African startups

There’s no doubt that Venture Capitalists have significantly contributed to the growth of African crypto startups. Jose Mairura, a partner at Nexterra Capital, outlines that VCs offer critical expertise, connections, and guidance beyond essential financial support.

Discussing the funding winter, Mairura emphasizes VCs’ role in helping startups enhance their strategies, broaden their networks, and manage complex regulatory landscapes. He believes that without this support, many budding crypto startups would struggle to expand and make a meaningful impact.

Nonetheless, Mairura notes that the recent downturn in funding for African crypto startups is due to various reasons. The global macroeconomic landscape’s instability has negatively influenced investor sentiment in all sectors, including crypto. In addition, regulatory obstacles and uncertainties have made investors more wary.

Moreover, the market has grown more selective, prioritizing projects with tangible real-world applications and a distinct route to profitability.

Investors are looking for crypto startups showcasing innovative and disruptive ideas capable of solving real-world issues alongside visionary leadership, a proven success record, scalability potential, understanding of the regulatory environment, and reliability. Unfortunately, many agree these attributes are currently scarce within the African crypto ecosystem.

Regulatory challenges

Amidst obstacles such as funding shortages and ambiguous regulations impeding growth, several startups have notably advanced in innovation and adoption.

“While a number of startups have showcased remarkable returns, many are still navigating the initial phases of development. The industry is undeniably transforming, and patience may be required for some ventures to fully unfold their capabilities,” states Jose Mairura.

A prominent factor obstructing the progress of African crypto startups is the lack of clear regulation. Although essential for safeguarding investors and ensuring market integrity, overly ambiguous or stringent regulations can suppress innovation and investment.

“Finding the perfect equilibrium between nurturing innovation and ensuring adherence is a subtle endeavor. Clear regulatory guidelines and a supportive environment are crucial for the enduring growth of the crypto sector.

What Lies Ahead?

Jose conveys that forecasting the precise end date of the current funding dry spell in Africa’s crypto realm is a formidable task. It hinges on multiple elements, including regulatory shifts, worldwide market trends, and the capacity of startups to exhibit their worth and longevity.

Funding Landscape in Africa

“Nevertheless, my outlook is positive that with the enhancement of regulatory transparency and industry maturation, the faith of investors will be reinstated, paving the way for a surge in funding prospects,” he expresses.

As a Venture Capitalist, Jose Mairura is eager to witness the emergence of DeFi projects extending financial services to the underprivileged demographics in Africa.

“Moreover, blockchain initiatives that bolster supply chain clarity and traceability hold immense promise, especially in sectors like agriculture and logistics,” he adds.




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