Why Nigeria and Kenya Dominate the Agri-tech Market in Africa


According to the Disrupt Africa 2018 release report, Kenya and Nigeria are the leading Agri-tech hubs in Africa. The two countries account for over 60% of the total Agri-tech startups in the continent.

The study found out that Kenya was the largest market in Agri-tech ecosystem. However, in the last two years, the West Africa region has dominated the market. Moreover, the region is the home to two out of three giant agri-tech sectors in the continent.

Additionally, the number of startups grew by 110% in the last two years. During the same period, Africa invested more than $19 million into the sector. From 2010, the annual activity of agri-tech space has been captured. Nevertheless, this information remained substandard up to the end of 2015. Since 2016, over 43 new agri-tech startups have been launched across the continent.

Gabriella Mulligan, a co-founder Disrupt Africa, noted the contribution of the agric sector. He emphasized that agri-tech market can revolutionize the continent’s economy. The sector remains to be the primary source of food and raw materials. To achieve market expansion goal, entrepreneurs and investors need to take active roles. The stakeholders will provide the solutions to the problems facing farmers in Africa.


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