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Nigeria online mental health therapy startup Truthshare launches app


According to the World Health Organization in 2007, 20% of Nigerians suffer from mental health orders. It’s a sad state of affairs that mental health poses a bigger problem for Nigerians in that of the few mental health facilities most are clustered in urban centers. The societal frowning upon people with mental health disorders does not help the situation too.

Kuro Briggs and Fortune Bekee founded Truthshare, a mental health application in November 2019 to improve the health situation of their fellow countrymen in a scalable manner – over the internet. Users get access to certified counselors and are attended to, preventing depression, suicide and mental illness.

According to an interview on TechMoran, Mr. Bekee the co-founder revealed how they have managed to process over 200 counseling requests in the last two months.

For more on TruthShare app check out their website.


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