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The Catalyst Fund moves into new sectors to expand Tech acceleration

Catalyst fund

The Catalyst Fund accelerator has experienced tremendous success since its inception, attracting leading innovators with flexible grants, industry expertise, and support. The fund heavily borrows from the 500 Startups acceleration approach that focuses on the specific needs of each founder rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The Catalyst Fund has explored this model since its launch in 2016 as it targets fintech startups within emerging markets.

Catalyst Fund intends to move into new sectors where fintech contributes to inclusion while empowering underserved communities. Alongside the long-standing partners UK aid and JPMorgan Chase, the Fund is working on an Inclusive Fintech program known as the Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator in Ghana. This will be done with support from the MasterCard Foundation.

The accelerator will run in parallel with its finTech programme. The new expansion will center on three key areas; financial health, climate resilience, and inclusive digital commerce.


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