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Nigerian Startup Fixit45 Secures $1.9M in Funding to Accelerate Growth Plans


With a population surpassing 200 million and over 12 million registered vehicles in Nigeria, the demand for efficient vehicle maintenance and repair services is high. Fixit45, a pioneering Nigerian startup in the automotive aftermarket sector, is addressing this need.

 Established in 2021, Fixit45 is dedicated to enhancing the automotive spare parts supply chain, vehicle repairs, and maintenance services. It has built a substantial network of over 300 operational workshops across nine major Nigerian cities. Through its unique online-to-offline platform and collaborations with over 1,200 spare parts manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including industry leaders like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, Fixit45 serves over 4,000 clients across these cities.

Fixit45 recently garnered a notable $1.9 million in pre-seed funding to bolster its mission and broaden its impact. This investment round, led by Launch Africa Ventures and other significant investors, enables Fixit45 to augment its influence and outreach within Nigeria’s automotive technology aftermarket industry.

 Beyond Nigeria, Fixit45 is actively gearing up for expansion into the African market, especially targeting East African countries like Kenya and Uganda, underscoring its commitment to addressing the increasing demand for efficient vehicle maintenance and repair services across Africa. This funding round coincides with the burgeoning momentum within Nigeria’s automotive aftermarket sector, as evidenced by Mecho Autotech securing $2.4 million in funding, further emphasizing the industry’s vitality and potential for transformation.



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